Artwork supply

Software Applications

We accept artwork in all modern versions of the following applications:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PDF


Image files should be at least 75 dpi @ 100{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec} of the final output size or 100 dpi @ 75{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec} of the final output size or 300 dpi @ 25{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec} of the final output size. Do not use images taken from web pages, Powerpoint, Excel, Word or Clipart as resolution is likely to be low.

Output Size

For large graphics used in Pop-Up and Banner stands, create a single page at 25{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec} of the full output size, we will set the points for splitting panels on Pop-Ups. Make sure “Facing Pages” is turned off.

Crops and Bleed Crops & Bleed

Please do NOT add any crops or bleed to your artwork.

Black print

Anywhere you use black, define it as cyan=20{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec}, magenta=20{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec}, yellow=20{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec}, black=100{cca368e0303f7ce43a725a5dbbd0657a599ae467dc11483606bb00f33ea56eec}


Use Pantone “solid to process” guide for PMS references supplied for colour matching.


In Photoshop please flatten all images and don’t use extra channels. Convert all duotone and RGB images to CMYK. Save all images as EPS (encoding JPEG Maximum quality).


Any language fonts other than English should be converted to outlines. “Select all” in Illustrator & Freehand and set attributes to 9600 dpi. Please be sure to include both screen and printer (PostScript) versions of the fonts used in both the document and in any EPS files supplied in case changes are necessary. These are found in the system/fonts folder on your Mac or in the Windows/system folder on your PC.

Collect for Output

Be sure to include all source files, graphics and fonts with your job. Use prepress packaging commands such as “Collect for Output”, this collects all linked images, logos and fonts into one folder.


For best results, please provide a PDF or printed colour proof with your files as various colour output devices interpret colour differently.

Zip Files

If using a compression program, take your file(s) and compress them into one .zip, .sit or .sea file. If you don’t have a compression program or need instructions to compress your file(s), you may download a free version from: Stuffit or WinZip.

PDF Files

PDF is a universal file format that preserves all of the fonts, formatting, colours and graphics of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. You can create a high quality, compact PDF file for high resolution output using Adobe Acrobat. PDF files should be distilled at the highest setting (press) and include all fonts used.

We will endeavour to match your colour to the nearest pantone reference if requested but some variation may occure when converting to cmyk.

Artwork Charges

Any artwork time required to bring files up to a usable standard will be charged at £40.00 per hour.

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