Environmental Policy

Digital Art Ltd regard environmental matters to be of importance to our business.

Digital Art Ltd recognise that our activities can impact on the environment in a number of ways and our policy is to minimise any adverse effects so as to safeguard both the environment and the earth’s resources in addition to providing good health and safety practices both for our employees and the general public.

To achieve this we will:

Give due consideration to the environment and health and safety as part of our process in the manufacture and installation of signs.

Provide safe working conditions for all employees, encourage them to contribute in identifying where improvements can be made, and provide them with adequate training in order to achieve these objectives.

Comply with all relevant legislative standards.

Continue to strive to reduce any environmental impacts which our activities may incur, both internally and on our clients premises.

Seek to protect the public from damage or nuisance as a result of our activities.

Encourage and train our employees and suppliers to recognise environmental responsibilities by stressing the benefits of sound environmental and health and safety policies.

Share our policies and achievements with others to help them achieve environmental improvements.

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